Message from Dean of Students

Message from Dean of Students

Prof. Omondi Oketch, Dean of StudentsI take this opportunity to welcome and congratulate you for gaining admission for studies at The Technical University of Kenya. Earning a place in our Institution of Prestige is no small achievement and we are delighted that you have joined The Technical University of Kenya to continue your intellectual journey confident that the education and training you will receive shall successfully prepare you for the real world.
The Directorate of Student Support Services exists to support students’ success not only in academics but in all aspects of life while at the Technical University of Kenya. Services offered by The Directorate engage the students socially, emotionally, spiritually while developing the student’s character to realize the development of learning climates that are conducive to attaining high standards of academic achievement. 
The orientation program will be an opportunity for you to be initiated into the Technical University of Kenya programs and life. During the exercise, you will have the opportunity to meet senior officials of the university, and learn more on adjusting to University life successfully and getting involved on campus programs while also making good choices. These sessions are aimed at providing you with practical and valuable information on our policies and the many programs and services in place at the institution. During the exercise, you will begin to build a network of resources that will help you to start your Technical University of Kenya journey on the right path. It is our hope that by the time the orientation exercise is over, you will be on your way to becoming a successful freshman of The Technical University of Kenya.

We have designed a “Peer-Counsellor” program around you that will go on beyond orientation. This program is designed to help in answering some of your unasked/unanswered questions, and to provide you with the general information about campus resources, life and experiences that you may not have received from the speeches.

Your new found freedom and independence;
Having said that, I need to add that University life unlike life in High School will often be a time for new found “freedom and independence”.  You will therefore find that your time at The Technical University of Kenya will be one of the freest and most exciting in your life. Your freedom and independence will mean that there will be no one to check on you, you will be accountable to yourself.

It is an opportunity to discover who you are and what your passion is. Be sure to find your passion and pursue it with dedication and commitment. You must now take responsibility for your future and all that you do. University life is a time for learning and self-discovery. I urge you to associate and interact with other young people who come from different cultural, social, ethnic and geographical backgrounds from you for an opportunity to learn views, ideas, beliefs and perspectives different from yours. This is for the sole purpose of enriching your educational experience through a greater understanding and appreciation of the diverseness and richness of the individual experience. This does not however mean that you should adopt for practice any improper experiences, ideas or practices.

As a word of caution on your new found “freedom and independence”, as young adults, you must now
rely on your own wisdom and inner strength to guide you in navigating life and its pitfalls. As a university community, we are vulnerable to HIV/AIDS, and it is young adults like you who are most affected by HIV/AIDS. Please ensure that you are well informed about HIV/AIDS and that your behavior protects you from the risk of contracting HIV. Don’t rush into or be pressured into being sexually active.

Your new found freedom and independence may also numb your senses of responsibility, of being assertive and of acting appropriately at all times. We urge you to desist from engaging in any criminal activity while also developing a heightened sense of crime awareness within the campus and at your residence. Cases of students being arrested for misdemeanors and criminal acts have been reported in the past and we urge you to make every effort to avoid such episodes.

You are responsible for what you do, for ensuring that you do the work that will be required of you. Make sure you attend your lectures, labs and tutorials, and that you do the assignments and read the material advised by your lecturers and tutors. In your new found “freedom and independence”, we expect you to be responsible in your words and actions while exercising responsible behavior at all times whether in campus or off campus.

Remember that in the course of exercising your freedom, you will be required to protect and respect others’ freedom. I urge you to exercise integrity and respect while engaging in critical and controversial issues.

Services of The Directorate of Student Support Services and where to find us;

The Directorate serves students in the areas of Accommodation and Catering, Counselling, Sports and co-curricular activities, Chaplaincy and the general social welfare concerns. The Directorate also oversees students’ leadership affairs by coordinating activities of SATUK, the Students’ Association and of clubs and Associations.
The Directorate of Student Support Services is located on the 4th floor of “L” Block adjacent to the Administration Block.
Officers in the office of The Director, the Chaplaincies and the counsellors will be available during the orientation week and throughout the Academic Year for consultation and/or assistance of whatever nature that any student may require. We urge you to take this opportunity and visit our offices should you be in need of such services.
Thank you and once again welcome to the Technical University of Kenya.

Units in The office of Dean of Students

Students Accommodation and Catering

This department is responsible for providing Catering services to students and staff of the university and to meetings and events hosted in the campus. In addition, students’ accommodation needs are handled in the office of the Assistant Director where students are placed into the available university accommodation or recommended to over 50 hostels that have been vetted by the department. Students are encouraged to present their special and welfare needs to the assistant director for consideration from time to time.

The Counseling Unit

The Counseling unit of The Technical University of Kenya is one of the units under the Directorate of Students Support Services. The unit is meant to enhance the emotional, psychological and behavioral wellbeing of the students.

The Chaplaincy

Spiritual guidance is provided by three Chaplains. Our chaplaincy is staffed by spiritual leaders, one protestant, one Catholic and one Muslim. The services of the chaplaincy are open to the entire University community. Some of these services and activities include: guidance, conducting worship services and coordinating spiritual activities at the university. The chaplains also teach, conduct and coordinate religious activities for students through the Young Catholics Association (YCS), Christian Union (CU), the Muslim Students Association and the Seventh Day Adventists (SDA).

Sports, Recreation & Co-curricular Activities

There are extensive opportunities for sport and recreation, supported by a team of staff who provide activities to suit all ability levels at the University's sports centres. Tournaments and leagues take place throughout the year. There are outdoors sports facilities for football, basketball, hockey, rugby, volleyball, athletics etc. The focus is on sport for both recreation and excellence.