Institutional Advancement and Enterprise Division (IAE) Division

Institutional Advancement and Enterprise Division (IAE) Division

Prof. (Eng.) Paul M. Wambua, FIEK, Deputy Vice Chancellor, Institutional Advancement and Enterprise

The division of Institutional Advancement and Enterprise comprises six (6) directorates and is headed by Deputy Vice Chancellor, Prof. (Eng.) Paul M. Wambua, FIEK.

The Division is mandated to: –

  • Enhance the level of strategic partnerships and collaborations for further development of the University, by working with Government; industry; local, regional, and international universities and research institutions; non-governmental and global organizations
  • Streamline and guide the process of diversification of sources of income for the University through resource mobilization; commercialization of innovations; and multi-disciplinary consultancies.
  • Enhance community service/community outreach and extension services by establishing endowments; through technology transfer; and sensitization on methods of uplifting the quality of life of local communities as a contribution to Corporate Social Responsibility of the University.

The Directorates of the IAE division are-


1. Institutional Development and Fundraising (IDF)

The main functions of the directorate of IDF are to spearhead efficient resource mobilization for the University. This is achieved by working very closely with the Technical University of Kenya Alumni Association (TUKAA); existing University networks; Friends of the University, and connecting with the donor community for co-funding of projects that are relevant to enhancing teaching and learning facilities; for provision of extension services to local communities; and financing of other infrastructure projects.

This directorate is responsible for keeping records on the development priorities of the institution and constantly monitors progress on their realization. It observes the development trends of funding and strategies to access it, manages donor relations and seeks to always expand the donor portfolio and profile of the institution, in addition to providing an enabling environment for the current and new donors to cooperate with the University.

2. Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development (EED)

The Technical University of Kenya aims to transition to a truly entrepreneurial university. To this end it is envisaged that each unit in the university will be made a cost centre, thus ensuring departments are run as businesses. The directorate of Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development is responsible for all entrepreneurship activities in the University.

This directorate will also support key entrepreneurial intentions of the students to bring out their full entrepreneurial potential. This will involve impartation of enterprise skills to catalyse their entrepreneurial thinking and generation of entrepreneurial ideas.

The students will then be expected to develop these ideas up to formalization of actual enterprises.

3. Business and Enterprise Services (BES)

In order to build financial stability that can be able to effectively run her programmes, the University will not only need to manage its finances efficiently but to also expand its income streams. This directorate is responsible for the management of the business services of the University. The “business wing” shall strive to improve the financial position of the University through development of income generating activities.

The Technical University of Kenya aims to provide consultancy, research, and training services to meet the needs of organizations of all sizes, from both in the public and private sectors. The Business and Enterprise Services directorate provides a clear focal point for any organization wishing to access the University’s profile in knowledge, expertise, and facilities. The available services are organized into three broad arears; consultancy and professional services, production and commercial services, and self-sponsored programme services.

4. Marketing and Brand Strategy (MBS)

The main objective of the directorate of Marketing and Brand Strategy is to promote the Technical University of Kenya as the University of Choice for students in Kenya, the region, and the rest of the world, and to market the products and services of the University. The directorate therefore plays a key role not only in the development of the University but also to help it maintain its competitive edge in the education sector.

This directorate will therefore aggressively study market needs, trends, and recommend marketing and brand strategies to enable TU-K remain a leader in attracting both government sponsored, module II and international students.

5. International Engagement and Partnerships (IEP)

The Technical University of Kenya strives to cultivate and maintain a strong international and regional profile. This will be achieved through a deliberate effort to place the University on the international map.

The University intends to establish an active programme of partnerships and links with international institutions of comparable status. Through such programmes, the University hopes to get involved in joint activities of academic nature at the international level. Programmes will involve exchange of students and staff, collaborative research activities and collaboration with international partners with respect to resource mobilization.

This directorate is tasked with the responsibility to develop the international profile of the institution and to engage with local, regional, and international partners. It will be the international face of the institution. To achieve this end, the directorate seeks to engage in joint programmes with overseas Higher Education Institutions and signs MOUs to build these relationships. In order to build the reputation, image and profile of the institution, the department identifies corporate strategic partnerships by keeping a tab on distinct focus markets and strategic partners internationally.

6. Civic and Community Engagement (CCE)

Community dialogue and engagement is an excellent way of connecting the University with the community. The Technical University of Kenya intends to have, through this directorate, a robust programme of engagement with the public through, among others, public lectures, colloquia, debates, and discussions on topical and contemporary issues of public interest. Further activities include presentation of research findings through conferences and seminars organized by the University and in which the public is invited to attend.

There are situations where the University may either offer or be called upon to get involved in volunteer activities that typically include community service, transfer of skills by the university students and staff to the community and mentoring of youth at the community level. To this extent, this directorate is established to deal with voluntary work and response to emergency situations in the community.


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