Research and Technology Development

Research and Technology Development

Throughout its existence, the erstwhile Kenya Polytechnic was known for the very practical nature of her graduates. The Kenya Polytechnic graduate was considered to be well prepared for the world of work and seemed to fit in quite well with the demands of industry right from the time of graduation. TU-K intends to continue building upon this legacy and to produce even much better prepared graduates to meet the challenges of an industry that is getting ever more sophisticated. To this extent it is intended to constantly put to the test, the institution’s slogan: “Education and training for the real world”. TU-K intends to realise this in its curriculum through innovation and dedicated practical training in collaboration with industry.

Office of Research and Technology Development

Institutional Scientific and Ethics Review Committee

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Centre for Engineering Production and Learning Factory

Centre for Engineering Innovation and Production (CEIP) is intended to be, within which will be the following units: Innovation and Design, Manufacturing and Production, Commercialization and Enterprise, and Technology Transfer and Training.

Centre for Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Technology Transfer

The Centre for Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Technology Transfer (CEITT) is designed to be the successor to the current Entrepreneurship Education Unit at the institution.

Centre for Industry and Work Experience

This department was established to focus on the promotion of partnerships and linkages with industry and professional bodies.

Strategic Innovative Initiatives

The unit is involved in driving implementation of new learning models, digital portals, virtual labs, e-learning, multi-purpose media centres, library, etc. to create spaces for learning in an engaging way.

Research and Knowledge Exchange

The Directorate is charged with the responsibility of formulating, producing and administering the University research and innovation policy. Visit Directorate of Research and Knowledge Exchange website >>