Message from The Vice Chancellor

Message from The Vice Chancellor

Prof. F. W. Aduol - The Vice Chancellor

It is with great pleasure that I introduce to you the Technical University of Kenya, the premier institution of technology and innovation in this region. Since its establishment in 1961, the University has consistently provided top quality education and training to students not only from Kenya but also from all around the world. The University has therefore played a central role in the development of the region.

The Technical University of Kenya is located in the Central Business District of Nairobi, the Capital City of Kenya. This unique location gives students and other stake-holders easy access to the institution. Moreover, by its location in Nairobi, which is the foremost industrialised city in the eastern African region, the students of the University have direct access to the widest industrial activities in this region during their training. The strength of our graduates lies in their ability to practically apply the technical skills acquired through the training to address the challenges of development of their respective countries by providing solutions through innovation. The versatility of our graduates is attested to by the continued demand and ready acceptance by the industry and employment market.

The University currently comprises nine Schools and two Centres serviced by a well equipped and modern Library. The Schools are well staffed and boast cutting edge laboratory equipment to offer top quality training and research in all areas of development ranging from human resource, infrastructure, policy to technology. These are the Schools of Applied Sciences and Technology, Engineering Science and Technology, Health Sciences and Technology, Architecture and the Built Environment, the Arts and Media Technology, Hospitality and Tourism Management, Business and Legal Studies and Liberal and Technology Studies. The two Centres that provide support services to the University are: the Centre for Entrepreneurship Innovation and Technology Transfer, which also offers training, and the Centre Information and Communication Technology.

Technical University of Kenya is in the top five largest institutions of higher learning in Kenya with a student population of over nine thousand, half of whom are privately sponsored while the other is sponsored by the Government of Kenya. The students are distributed into the nine Schools and study a wide range of specialized courses on offer. In addition, the College continues to offer its world renowned Diploma and Certificate Programmes, some of which are not available elsewhere in the region. Since its inauguration, the institution has attracted considerable international interest. In its quest to be a top rated university of technology, the University organised an international conference in August 2009 to benefit from the experiences and strategies of some of the world’s best universities of technology. Speakers included academics and top administrators of institutions such as University of Stuttgart, Germany, Delf University in the Netherlands, Tswane University of Technology, South Africa and Politechnico de Milano, Italy. In February 2010, the College was honoured with a visit by the U.S. Undersecretary for Democracy and Global Affairs, H. E. Maria Otero, to discuss the role of the College in Science and Technology.

I trust that you will enjoy your studies while at the University in whichever field of study you might choose from the wide array of courses and programmes of study offered.

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The Office of the Vice-Chancellor

Strategic and Executive Operational Services

Department advise the Vice-Chancellor on matters of strategic engagements; follow up on decisions of the Office of the Vice-Chancellor regarding academic matters; design effective delivery tools for the UMB and Senate decisions; offer support to the Office of the Vice-Chancellor in the management of linkages with community, partners and industry in line with the University policies on external relations; support the Vice-Chancellor in monitoring the effectiveness of academic programmes as well as the delivery of administrative support services.

Strategy and Organisational Development

The Department is responsible for the monitoring of the strategic performance of the university as envisioned in the strategic plan. The office in particular is responsible for quality assurance and quality improvement of both academic programmes and management and support services.

Public Affairs and Marketing

This department is responsible for dialogue and engagement with the various units and departments to develop and implement strategies that help the university establish effective communication channels and a shared understanding of the mandate of the University with the stakeholders.

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Services

The modern university is driven principally by the quick flow of data and information which indicate the performance of the various sectors and activities of the institution. The Computing and Information Services Department thus forms a major core of the management of TU-K in supporting and fostering innovative research, learning and teaching.

Procurement and Supply Chain

This department is responsible for the management of procurement of goods and services, the movement and distribution of goods to the end user, market surveys and research, the maintenance of the inventory and the disposal of goods.

Security and Emergency Services

TU-K can be safely considered a moderately large university if one takes into account the huge number of students and the large staff portfolio. Further, the institution has massive investments in terms of resources for learning and general infrastructure. These are factors that call for a well organised security system.