3. Business and Enterprise Services (BES)

In order to build financial stability that can be able to effectively run her programmes, the University will not only need to manage its finances efficiently but to also expand its income streams. This directorate is responsible for the management of the business services of the University. The “business wing” shall strive to improve the financial position of the University through development of income generating activities.

The Technical University of Kenya aims to provide consultancy, research, and training services to meet the needs of organizations of all sizes, from both in the public and private sectors. The Business and Enterprise Services directorate provides a clear focal point for any organization wishing to access the University’s profile in knowledge, expertise, and facilities. The available services are organized into three broad arears; consultancy and professional services, production and commercial services, and self-sponsored programme services.


Certificates Ready for Collection

Fri, 2. June 2023
Certificates for the December 2022 graduates are ready for collection. The requirements for collection are as given below:

Construction of Block T and Block I

Tue, 30. May 2023
We write to apologize for the incohveriiences being caused. to Students, Members of Staff and the general stakeholders as a result of the infrastructure developments taking place w…

Eligibility to Sit for University Examinations

Mon, 29. May 2023
We request the Student Fraternity to please note that the End-of-Term examinations are scheduled to commence on 12th June, 2023 and end on 24th June, 2023.

Notice: The University Staff and Student Fraternity

Mon, 15. May 2023
I wish to notify the entire University Staff and the student fraternity that as of today Monday 15th May, 2023 Prof. Dr.-lng. Francis Aduol will be serving his final day in office …