Official Opening Dates for Term/Semester Programmes

Tuesday, April 20, 2021

The official opening dates for Term and Semester programmes are April 5, 2021(now past) and May 3, 2021 respectively.  Subsequently, the teaching and learning timetables are already out and accessible through the students’ portal as well as through respective schools.

In order to access the entire academic calendar for the academic year 2020/2021, please Click here

As you are aware, all the teaching and learning in the University is being conducted virtually.  Therefore, all students should contact their respective Schools for details on the virtual links for relevant classes/sessions as timetabled.  Further, students are advised to sign the NOMINAL ROLL at the beginning of each Semester/Term in order for their names to appear in the respective class lists. The link for this exercise is also accessible through the students’ portal. 

In order to meet the minimum requirement of 75% class attendance for any given course unit undertaken by the student, the deadline for signing the nominal roll shall be as follows: -

  1. April 26, 2021 for the Term Students (1st years and 2nd years)
  2. May 31, 2021 for the Semester Students (the rest of the students)

Furthermore, fees for the academic year shall be paid in full or by instalment in accordance with the plan stipulated in the fees payment policy (which is available on the TU-K website,

Please note that: -

  1. Students who fail to pay fees in full or by instalment in accordance with the plan stipulated in the fees payment policy will be required to defer their studies for a minimum of one (1) Academic Year and a maximum of two (2) Academic Years.
  2. The outstanding fee balance for each student is available in their respective portals
  3. Students with complaints on the posted outstanding fees should contact the Academic Registrar using the email address,

Dr. Moses W. Wamalwa